Monday, January 28, 2013

been there for quite a while....


i owe to tell u a lot the stories back in 2012. some things has been doing well till now, some hasn't... i let my self to keep all the stories just for me. and thinking to start blogging again. it might be a fashion blog, or a review blog (is dat existed?) or my usual routine blogging like i used to do before.

haven't made ANY targets for this year.... i feel bad. and i'm feeling quite pesimistic for 2013. dont know if i can do better than i pulled off my fantastic 2012. bringing the blue feeling here, i gotta sign off. and re-thinking about them all.

night :D

Sunday, October 21, 2012

last day being 17

ha! i finally manage to write here. i somehow stares for quite a long time in a blank coloumn in the new post tab, dont know what to write.

anyway, the last time i wrote here was on.... freakin may. before i started my CCF course. bahaha now i know from that day.... 24hours never feel enough for me. to manage the shop, do the homework, do the project, keep in touch with le boyf.

i'll share you things u missed during my hiatus.

  • cellyn (my best friend since i was 6) flew to melbourne for school. me kenny prisca and indah planned to have a surprise in the airport. but blame to the freakintrafficjam in the middle of the highway..... she almost late for her flight. we almost cry to let her go without giving our present. we finally met thou 30mins before her flight flew.  so sad at that time. never imagine that she really could take the risk and fly to other country so far.
  • my french course was...... kinda kraaayzeh. i learn a lot of grammars and vocabs. now i feel like my 3-yrs-english-lesson was going down easily. my friends in CCF (now they called themselves IFI) were all so kind and we have -of course- the same goal to reach la France and study there. spend at least 3yrs there. .... well i feel like this is just not my time to study there. a lot of things to consider of. can't share here the reason.... but i know if you're in my position, u won't take that huge risks. i am just not that type of person. but sure, i know there's a time for me to go there for business trip or another master classe.
  • right 3days after i finished my niveau B1 in IFI Jakarta..., i started my uni. in ESMOD Jakarta. at first i was kinda disappointed.... cuz i should've been braver just like my friend. another goal didn't accomplish cuz the stupidity of meh. pretty disappointed. anyway. uni life in ESMOD was really....... krayzeh. even crazier than when i was in CCF. a lot of expensive things to buy.... also a lot of tasks. A LOT. 5days of the week i spend for tasks. friends are all quite nice and humble. i just feels like i'm not as good as my friends. kinda intimidating.... they draw nicely, they sew neatly, and they design something really nice..... 
  • i still remember last year on 22nd of october.... i had my interview for Jakarta Fashion Week 2011. i was interviewed by the head chief of majalah ayah bunda (ibu Tenik) and i told her that i had been craving to join JFW as the volunteer since i was in SMP. she was touched (i guess).... bahaha i was sooooo honest that time. and by this year... i automatically get in as a part of Jakarta Fashion Week 2012. happiness!
turning 18 tomorrow. yet i stilll have a lot of tasks to do by tomorrow morning. will keep u updated. muah!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

anything but puke

i am having my CCF placement test tomorrow. first is the expression orale...and if i am not qualified based on the expression orale... then i have to take the writing test which is... ZOOOONK really really bad in that. so please please dear god and whole universe please please let me pass the A2 placement test. will be very hard for me without your help.

second. sheesh. i'm going to know my national exam result tmrw thru a website named ... knew it from the bbm news. wishing that is not just a little hoax. well i really hope class of 2012's Don Bosco 2 all passed the national exam. this is the very last wish in highschool. well highschool will end soon, and so i will pack and throw out my books somewhere far.

plus i'm now handling my tiny tiny tiny shop named Parfaite Shop you can visit here which is selling some original accessories in half price... also i'm currently seeking for a supplier which sells unique things i can't get here in Indo. what is the purpose?
*learn how to manage a shop
*earn some moneeeh
*put it in my portfolio

i am also thinking to make some sketchs which i can realize it. still have so many things to do. yet so little time cuz i will start my french intensive class on monday. JEEEEHSUUUUS help me.

preparing myself for tomorrow.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


well that might me only me, 12thgraders who's facing national exam but still traveling around to shop and spend some cash. OUI! i'm the lucky winner from this competition i had told u before. it was my once in a lifetime opportunities so i wouldn't miss it at any (though i'm facing national exam that time).

lucky me, i went there with mbak Aju (my previous backstage manager in Jakarta Fashion Week, who is a very very kind&nice person) and the pretty famous blogger, Sonia Eryka and one lucky winner from this competition too. later i know, i was paired with Mbak Aju.

i am that hUUU-UUUge
after meeting Sonia Eryka (and her ubercool mom) and Kak Nat (PR from Singapore Tourism Board) we walked to our first destination : Marina Bay Sands!! told ya this was my .. 4th times in Singapore. and their MRT system always be a satisfaction for an impulsive shopper like me. i walk-jump-shop-chew everything everywhere fastly. that helps me a lot ;)

we were guided by a pretty lady from Marina Bay Sands, taking us on a tour around up until the famous skypark at the 57th floor of Marina Bay Sands. it was a ubercool infinity pool -yes you can swim and relax yourself while looking around the panoramic view around singapore- or enjoying a jacuzzi while looking around the view of singapore strait. it was... an undescribable view.

later on -after the MBS's ambassador giving me& Yhuli (the other winner) a 300SGD worth-shopping-voucher- we continued our journey. team #AJshopSG was going around to spend the voucher. me myself had decided before to buy an 8GB iTouch in white. and that's all my voucher spent for.

then after having some dramas w/ mbak aju's phone, we continued our journey to Anchor Point in Queenstown, it was soo sooo, sometimes Cotton On's collection can be good enough in cheap price, but on the other day, it was........ not good. then we continued our journey (after we got lost near the MRT) to Ann Siang Hill.

before we reached Ann Siang Hill by walking around 10mins from the MRT station Chinatown, we found a very tiny yet amazing shop.... TINTIN SHOOOOP! i was like OMAGAWD i know my boyfriend likes Tintin a lot .... so happy to find this shop in Singapore. Tintin's mugs, rare action figures, tshirts, bags, clocks, anything with Tintin are hereee!

later i knew Ann Siang Hill is pretty the same like Tebet in Jakarta. cool stuff & cool places are here. some young designers also open their store in Ann Siang Hill. and i found a lot of bars & cafes in this area. including a weekend store, Oakham Market. it is... if you like thrifted store, cheap things, vintage clothes, this is definitely the place u wont missed at any. opens only from Friday to Sunday. everything in a same price i was like asdfghjkl stop threating me here. 

then we continued to Somerset. H&M.... KYAAA! this is the only store in Singapore where i really use my shopping skill including direct fitting. u should know it was queue ing for 30mins estimated and to pay your shopping bags.... u need to queue around 30mins also. so there... i tried some clothes directly without going to the fitting room. and half of my shopping list were scratched there. a very huge store, unique apparels, yet so many people there.

before we went back to the hotel, we spent our food money in Bee Cheng Hiang to buy a huge amount of dendeng, also buy some chocolate as a present. then we went back to the hotel by taxi as i could feel my feet were breaking into 2 pieces, really hurt, yet my hair were very bad at that time. couldn't resist walking then we took a taxi back to Wanderlust hotel.

it was... a tiny Hotel in Dickson Road in Little India area. it was sooo unique from outside. yet very quirk hotel inside. the lobby was extra modern and simple... and my room... was everything turquoise!... i was very happy since i stayed here alone and i could enjoy this room. i ended up the day watching Revenge though while massaging my foot. a gooooood weekend ;)

---to be continued. 
---more stories to tell.
---more pics.

stay tune xx!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

the end

well practically i've finished all the school exam by today. so relieved yet i could roll my body over school's floor. beyond happiness. thinking that i've passed all the in sequence exam (from practical exam, school exam, try outs, end of semester exam, till the highest point, national exam). soooo relieved that i wont have any those un-use subjects to think in my mind. the last thing i want to see (regarding to school) is good result of national exam. parents must be so happy joy joy to see the good result. i mean... who doesn't ? :)

it's been great year everybody had passed. well we're all had at least one crush/ ex-boyf in school. we're all had ex-friend. we're all had scandal and highschool drama. 3yrs of highschool is really enough for me, and i'm ready to get my future done step by step. sure i'm hoping everybody gets their own best ; for school, life, and lovelife ;)

+ Kenny ;)

Thursday, April 12, 2012


i've been struggling w/ my trial exams past days... then struggled again with UAN thingies, also my upcoming trip to Singapore this weekend. however, i still want to share you some of things happened lately. really can't stand keeping it inside my mind :""""(

1. i sold my iPod. well it should be sent by next monday to the new owner... but he asked me to send it by today. GYAAAAA, tooo fast :""""( i spent past 6yrs w/ my white iPod... through good times & bad times. happy and sad. good trip & bad trip. now i have to give it to the new owner. well.... gonna miss u my babywhiteee :8 we've been a very very very very goood friend.

2. today was the very last day of schooldays. ... ... ... the very last day being highschoolers studying in classroom w/ other 30ish-students. different needs, different characteristics, but sure we've been through the hard year back. now the last fight for UN.... then it'll be hard to gather us again all in a class :( :( :( a good yeart though.

3. i'm going to singapore for a very quick shopping trip. it's a shopping race actually w/ Sonia Eryka and Ayu Utami ;) it will be fun though, i wrote a lot of things to buy, places to be visited, also food to chew... it'll be a happiness. JOY JOY JOY :) the very first time trip w/out my parents. well....

4. wish me uberluck for UN..... for those magical 6subjects. hope i pass it all... praying for all 12th graders in the country, do ur best, pray, and god will do the rest. SMG KITA LULUUUUUS!!!

well.... my boyf said, you've got something taken from you, god is preparing, the best is yet to come.... i do believe. my iPod is now in the new owner, i'll buy the new one. all of my friend is going to different school, god is now preparing us to be an independent student. ....,


Wednesday, April 4, 2012


i'm officially the WINNER!! AYMAY!
i was... that happy when i received an email from Mbak Siska from Singapore Tourism Board asking me several questions whether i can make it or not. then after TO when i found an email asking me MY PASSPORT. kyakyaaaaa i might be the winner!

i've been seeking someone to like my photo. comment it as much as possible. who doesn't want a FREE SHOPPING TRIP to singapore? i can smell how h&m and rubi smells.... i love them.... a lot. and now God answering my wish... I HAVE TO SPEND 700SGD+300SGD voucher from The Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands.... ...... #brbpingsan

i'd like to say thankyou verymuch for my friend who has liked and kindly commented my photo, that was.... very sweeet. promise me i'm gonna help anything i can help for you :) and thank God, once i failed joining this kinda shopping race competition before (i failed in the interview phase, my friend passed it and got FREE shopping trip to Vietnam)... now i can't wait for next week to come :"""") God really send me the BEST :) thanksthanksthanks pukpukpuk

also i went to the briefing today at Marche regarding to this competition. meeting such a lot of good & kind people frm Singapore Tourism Board. very welcoming me much. giving me a lot of good things above. and closed the day  by chewing some sushis. the best :")

thanks STB!
KYAAAAAAAA I CAN'T HARDLY WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK (wait! afterthat national exam, and ciao bella to HK w/ Angga) KYAAAAAAA

ps : any1 wants to get free 500SGD shopping voucher ? simply RT my tweet w/ hashtag #AJshopSG... also follow @singasik :) they'll kindly send u the ultimate shopping voucher. just tweet2 w/ the hashtag as much as u can! GOODIELUCK!

Thursday, March 29, 2012


merci beaucoup mes amis.... i got 299likes also around 200 comments to vote me and support me to win #ShopInSing with @singasik also the famous fashion blogger Sonia Eryka  and Ayu Utami. well i really hope that i'm gonna win this since i did online on facebook for almost every night during the contest period. well once i had a chance to join this kinda shopping race by a major dept store in jakarta.... and i almost win it. really close w/ the winner which was Kak Bethanny ;) this... is the one i want to realize this year. may i am the lucky beewy one to win this.

thankyou everybody :""""""")

Saturday, March 24, 2012

the ultimate free shopping spree!

yellow people ;) finished today's exam which is soooo gewwwd. had geography test which was very very very.... confusing. and i finished it only in the first 30mins (out of 2hrs given) and the rest... i slept. hahaha. second test was computer test. i had no idea whether i'm gonna get good score or not. well.. me still gonna pass the final school exam :D ay!

i'm currently promoting my photos which u can help me to win by clicking this . well first u should log in first in facebook then write in the search coloumn "singasik". click the like button. and voilaaa! u can start voting me by clicking like button in under my photos. well... should tell u... this is my photo :)

this is the very first step to win a free shopping race in singapore... well... i can't hardly breath thinking to spend 700SGD buying loads of things in HJ. Lane, H&M, Forever21, uniqlo, etc etc etc. also shopping race's participant will be given 300SGD to spend in the ultimate cool the shoppes @ marina bay sands. and... if i win. i'll get another 250SGD. all to spend in 2days only..... which... the days after that ends... i'll have my national examination.

though i wont miss this once in a lifetime chance.

help me to vote, and shop with mbak Ayu Utami (my backstage manager back when i had my internship in Jakarta Fashion Week) also the famous fashion blogger Sonia Eryka !!

merci beaucoup

Friday, March 16, 2012

These shoes i'm gonna bring to FR!

list of Shoes i'll bring to FR!
since i have to pack in 20kgs luggage and i have A LOT of shoes i really wanna bring it on...., i decided to make a short list of shoes which i can use for several seasons in a year, extremely comfy, yet they have goood lasting colour + appearance. i neeed some shoes which i can use till i get back to Indo.

group 1... is definitely a group of chunky heel shoes with platform. since i really like walking on a platform shoes, i decided to make one of which, i could bring the model... probably the blue one but with a flowery pattern like the white one. and really... it has to be extra comfy!

group 2.... is a group of booties. i didn't have any idea what to keep my feet warm, so i choose an ankle boot high in suede, also an ugg boots iknowthatwillwarmmyfeetsomuch, and a pattern doc martens... in case, it has rubber sole right? :)

group 3.... is a group of highsoles wedges to walk. i know they're gonna be extra edgy yet it will be fabs on the streeet. think i'm gonna made far left & far right happens. those patterns on a high platform.... extra cool.

group 4.... contains a lot of eyecatching flats. i know i have to wear them to school. so i choose the extra comfy toms shoes. i dont know where i can get those here in indo, but i think i've seen one in The Little Thing She Needs different brand, different pattern, still the same shape :P

group 5.... every girl need a black high heels right? not to mention louboutin... but still... i need to bring a pair of it, in case of any formal event or what.

group 6.... is a bunch of flat shoes with springy summery colours. always love neon  on shoes. all above are from H&M. i'm gonna die to buy them all...

last group... is a bunch of @iwearup's shoes. they were all comfy shoes w heels. and i chose one of those named Tree-Hi.... the leopard one is pretty cool to use during school. gold is for any formal event. and black.... i can use it like everyday.

soo..... these all packed.
to france.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

painfully exhausted

i feel like being lost nowhere in this blog. didn't know how to write properly.... and i lost my words. though yes... I HAVE a lot of things to share. good things always happened to me.... and so on the bad things :( i wonder why there'll always the bads after the goods? feeling kinda exhausted these past days though...... i'm currently busy learning french...... also focusing myself on tryouts, exams, and practical exams, and papers........ GOD how i hate being in the 12th grade....... can i just learn french, take the intensive, do the DELF, then go there SOON?


anyway. i feel so numb dumb and uncool. i spend the rest of my day after school w/ french & spend my time with beloved boyf. i didn't have time to watch TV.... and i also didn't know where to download all my fave series. i got stuck on glee eps 12. and HIMYM.... entah episode berapa. i even watched them randomly.... and on weekend, i sleep at home..... yakali cepet lulus deh gue.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

janvier ☀☀

january has been doing good to me. since it's the early 2012 and i think happiness to ur next months will  show from how the beginning feels. and for me, it's just 32/366 (the first feb) but i had tons of good things already. here i'll share some tiny happiness. which i wish it'll make u feel luckier (cuz u must have gotten things better than me)  : )

1. met my VERY OLD OLD OLD neighborhood. which we have been playing together since kids! and she's just celebrated her 18th birthday. ......we all feel old. but playing with ur own kid mates is a freakinly good feeling that i can shout some happiness now!

the birthday girl, Venny!
2. finally bought a blush on. yes it is just a pink rouge blush on. but since mommy has a problem with her freckless caused by a cheapy blush on when she were young...., she didn't let me to use any of those. ..... but i still have to use it. since i have a very flatty white cheek that looks not good without that blush on on my cheek. and it looks good on my cheek. HOORAYYY!

orange blush on yaaay for that!
3. finally found an oxford dictionary of english-france and vice versa after looking for it around all jakarta's bookstore. and oh yes, i've been learning french since mid of january... and now i still unsure with my own ability. french needs some logics to think abt the sentence's structure. and french needs extra space in my brain to chew and remember every gender of every word. dayum bro. even country has it's own GENDER!.  but i still have to commit... and chew those langes in my head.

the ultra famour dictionary
4. got several certificates. which made me qualified in putting that on my CV as one of my abbilities. so proud of what i've been doing before... and really those things gave me something for my future. which not everybody will get easily nowadays.
JFW's certificate. bring me to PFW soon!
Music3Logy3 's certificate ♥♥
and another certificate from wall street institute. soon will post my certificate here ;)

5. watched a barongsai's performace yesterday at school. with tons of kids wearing red & cheongsams shouting around the barongsai. sooooo entertained me much between school time. this... how i love don bosco cuz yes they do celebrate IMLEK with barongsai's performance. for almost every year!
the reddish barongsai
6. finished my La Tour Eiffel painting for school. and i truly finished that off for the sake of putting that on my room..., which will be sooo lovely. yay! 
La Tour Eiffel. soon w/ me&angga's pics on it
7. had a "Pembubaran Panitia Music3Logy3" today. we celebrated it yest @ Hanamasa MAG. we're all eating for free, chewing stacks of meats. and HAPPY :) so happy to be a part from this year's committee. we do have problems in every committee.... we might have broken up some friendships. but may all the problems be clear as this committee's work finally over :)
8. things that make me feel so grateful are.... God still giving me tons of happiness around. yet a lesson learned for the upcoming life. He sent me good friends around, talkable mom *sometimes*, and especially a generous boyfriend. He send me spirit and strength to face things around me which sometimes are so messy. i still want to be focus on my school. i still want to remember much things about french. and i still want to achieve and do things around.

at the end of this month, i wish things will get better on February. UAS Praktek, Try Out 2, going on our 18 with Angga, french course, and other things coming. thank God for those past 31days behind. and i hope all the best for the next 29days coming.

bonne nuit.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

a massive weekend

1. HAD A CHANCE TO WIN KATYPERRY'S TICKET CONCERT.... .... .... which i had been dying for to come to her concert here in Jakarta. been trying to win the tickets from tons of quizzes, i also tried for simple plan's & foster the people's ticket concert. i tried all quizzes i found from twitter. i believe there's no efforts wasted meaningless. on the lovely tuesday afternoon, i found a message in my facebook asking me to respond their message ASAP as the fastest will win. ....
FINALLY : """" )
our tag 
@gadismagz photobooth 
supercool Raissa 
this close to @RANforyourlife #HAPPINESS
10.000 seats
Katy Pretty :) :) 
the lucky Adry
performing E.T.
performing Not Like The Movies

2. MUSIC3LOGY3 was awesomely ran last saturday night. that was beyond my expectation. i was tired at that time. dull & mad at the same time. i lost my voice. but i still enjoyed the night with DREW, Naif, Ello, Tangga & other performances. i would miss my pensi committee's time much. but being a part of the success that night was really the time of my life. i learnt much things. we all cried, we all work, we all happy together. so highschool memories. 3000tixs sold out. ME GUSTA BABY!

the stage
deco's crew
the gate
ultra handsome Ello!

3. my first try out score was out of my expectation. my average score was quite good, and i thank god for every effort i put during my try out period. mommy was happy too :3 ayyy!

4. chinese new year celebration!!!

so tired. yet so ready for the following week. so ready for UAN. so ready for french intensive at ccf. so ready for france'13 ! wish me luck baby!

Monday, January 16, 2012


I heard that you're settled down
That you found a girl and you're married now.
I heard that your dreams came true.
Guess she gave you things I didn't give to you.

Old friend, why are you so shy?
Ain't like you to hold back or hide from the light.

I hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited
But I couldn't stay away, I couldn't fight it.
I had hoped you'd see my face and that you'd be reminded
That for me it isn't over.

Never mind, I'll find someone like you
I wish nothing but the best for you too
Don't forget me, I begged
I remember you said,
"Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead,
Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead, "

You'd know how the time flies
Only yesterday was the time of our lives
We were born and raised
In a summer haze
Bound by the surprise of our glory days

I hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited
But I couldn't stay away, I couldn't fight it.
I'd hoped you'd see my face and that you'd be reminded
That for me it isn't over.

Never mind, I'll find someone like you
I wish nothing but the best for you too
Don't forget me, I begged
I remember you said,
"Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead."

Nothing compares
No worries or cares
Regrets and mistakes
They are memories made.
Who would have known how bittersweet this would taste?

Never mind, I'll find someone like you
I wish nothing but the best for you
Don't forget me, I begged
I remember you said,
"Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead."

Never mind, I'll find someone like you
I wish nothing but the best for you too
Don't forget me, I begged
I remember you said,
"Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead,
Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead."

hey there. congratulation for your marriage. last time we met was the happiest day of my life (that time). i remember telling u loads of things about the highschool stories. i remember u giving me tons of advices. i remember u asked that girl to be ur gf. and since then, we lost our communication. i'm trying to burn down these feelings. u've been thousand miles away from here. we're separated.

i watched how i met your mother 5 "The Wedding Bride" episode. i'm feeling quite like Ted Mosby. i feel like being left. not in front of the altar anyway.

till i heard that u've got married. 


and since i've already find someone like you. i feel just fine. i'm praying you & your family for the best :) yes sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead ;)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

no other option

trust me i failed million times. i planned things each day hoping that i won't miss any single thing to do. hoping that at the end of the year i could tick all the resolution list & things to do. i'm a well-planned person. that i want everything to go as smooth as it planned before.

i failed to enter my favourite junior high school in 2006. i applied for BPK Penabur both in Kelapa Gading & Cipinang and also Don Bosco as the last option. then i failed and jumped into Don Bosco. in 2009 i applied for SMA Santa Ursula BSD & Santa Ursula Pos but again. i failed both. i don't have any option left, but i still could apply for public high school. then after the UAN's score had revealed, i applied to SMAN21 in Pulomas. but then. AGAIN. i failed. i went back into Don Bosco. in 2010, i applied for science class.... as i had studied hard to get in that class... i failed. i'm the one who hadn't know where to go science or social till the middle of holiday. i'm tired failing everything.

i don't want to fail anymore. there's no option to be failed. there's no other option that studying in that country, which i have been dying for YEARS. i've got the opportunities, i've known how to manage it all, i've been surrounded by people who support me to achieve that place. God knows how i want it really bad. i tried very hard, i set up my goal,... again. i don't want to be failed.

although the one who take my spirit away are those who consider close to me. i know they were thinking about the bad possibilities which may let me down alone there, that far. they want the good things happen to me. but again....

i have no other option. i must not have any other option. so that i must reach that target no matter how impossible that was. enough failing things. i must get that or i will get nothing.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

bandung : the proper saturdate

"this wasn't a terrible date, jean. i thought the most important thing is our togetherness. not the place or even the view. the important thing is us. and during the trip here, we had so much fun laughing the unimportant things and talking much about things we've seen. so go wipe your tears baby."

once he said to me like this on the way back to PVJ. it was rainy and cloudy. traffic jams were very sucks. and once we reached wale (warung lela) in dago to chew some mie yamin & strawberry juice, mom called me to GO BACK to the city (PVJ) and go back to jakarta together with her friends. ....i was going to cry and run. honestly, i expected much to talk, tons of smiles, good food, and breathtaking view above from dago. it would be a perfect lunch date for us. i was in a very bad mood and dissapointed much. then i cried like a crybaby.

this supposed to be a lunch date. :"""""""(

but later knowing that my mom sacrifice her time w/ her friends just to wait for me to pick her up hours later..., i turned into affected self. she decided to stay at PVJ alone instead of joining them went back to jakarta then we could take a cipaganti travel to go back to jakarta.

well. i bought sushi boon in my way back to PVJ. mom was sitting alone in jco. i wasn't in a good mood. angga still trying to talk to me and turned my mood back. i realized that the moment w/ your dearest is the first thing important above anything. above the luxurious cafe, above the breathtaking view, above the millions-worth foodie. i realized that our date went great in the car. he drove me here and there. traffic jams were absolutely crazy. we talked so much things. and we enjoyed it much.

i also realized that my mom sacrificed things just to let me run my date smoothly as its planned with angga. and i shouldn't be angry with her in the phone when she called me to go back to PVJ. that moment i cried again in the car. i looked at him. i looked at the wonderfully delicious sushis we bought. i cried.


this trip wasn't about shopping at FO's or eating so much food in famous places there. this is about enjoying everysingle thing god has given to you in a good city like bandung. where food were so cheapy yet tastes so delicious. and raining almost everyday.

then i remember my goal for this trip. not to watch the angklung concert mom's intending to watch. not to shop CLOTHES&SHOES. not to go to the FO's.'s about having a great time where mom & angga could spend time together. talking and laughing as we always did. and i ticked that. mom & angga spent a little while from PVJ to BTC. and i could cry again.

god loves me much. mom loves me much. angga loves me much. i should be happy..., cause he planned good things for me to happen.

pretty young and restless

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My 2012's (Realistic) Wishlist

Well Money Arrangement
*how* : manage my monthly cost + safe money a bit each month.
*how* : preparing intensive 1 starts from January and focus on intensive 2 & intensive 3 starts in May.
Susan Budiharjo
*how* : focus on making a whole collection starts June.
Preparing FRN'13
*how* : ....set the goal. focus on it. make it happen! (no compromise)
Macaroon/Cake's Baking Lesson
*how* : take a course in Imperial Cook near MOI.
Graphic Design Course
*how* : take a course beside MKG & focus on making invitations.
*how* : seduce my mom.
be in ... TV
*how* : joining tv quizzes!!!
new design collections
*how* : stay focus on completing those things.
LPM Femina'12 / Gading Young Designer / Gogirl Phenomenon
*how* : keep updating about the information from the magz.
lulus UAN & being in 4besar!
*how* : manage all the notes clear & complete, study when exam is come! ☀☀
sukseskan MUSIC3LOGY3
*how* : make sure all the decos are all great. and have fuuuun!
Traveling somewhere
*how* : seduce my parents to go either Japan, Korea, or Australia on Lebaran's holiday.
win quizzes&freebies (10 atleast)
*how* : twitter ☺☺
bisa bawa mobil :"""")
*how* : process the driving permit, drive safely, make my parents trust in me for driving by myself.
being in JFW 12/13 & other fashion event
*how* : spread the link, listen the news, prepare the CV, and be happy doing it.
lasting with Angga
*how* : :D
back to 50kgs
*how* : do fitness and eat twice a day
*how* : be brave jeannie! make sure HK2012 will happen no matter what.
*how* : publish it on

the all time wishlist... would be being happy creature, having grateful feeling for all things happen in my life, and enjoy it :) wish 2012 would be my year 

Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Caleidoscope ☂☂

(8) First Date on 2011.
Spent the rest of the day built an eiffel tower while sipping on honeymoon dessert strawberry tofu puding & end up buying a couple of a red cute shirt with a duck taking a bath ♥♥
the fabs red duck shirt!
eiffel towah!

(14) Kenny Roger's Roaster with Angga ♥♥
his order
my order

(22) Pancakeys!
Had an afternoon pancakeys on Pancious! later on i remember Angga met my dad for the first time hahahaha!

Someone from Hai Magazine called me and asked me whether i want to join their competition or not. well it was basically to set up a date with budget only 20.000 IDR :) so me and Angga had written on our plan and they accepted it! so on a lovely friday noon, we did several things and it was so exciting. a real good 'date' experience between us!
1st mission : playing kite!
2nd mission : playing bubble *myobsession*
3rd mission : bagi2 makanan dari @mealbuddy buat anak2 bawah flyover utan kayu
whole spread
yes it was on Hai Magazine Valentine issue

(29) ANCOL seaworld with Angga *again*
Our very first trip date to Seaworld. been years since the last time i went there. and am still feeling the excitement of being underwater and the dream to dive there along with the shark!

(11) Devita's Sweet 17 Birthday
birthday girl!

(28) Parfaite Finish!
i had my first 15designs done

(3) FREE Java Jazz 2011 Ticket
my photos are all still in my friend. ...dayum

(12) Cellyn's Sweet17 HUGE Dinner
123456yrs besties

(26) Cha2's Sweet17 Dinner
as the candle

(3) RAN @ La Piazza

(8) Cyn's Sweet17 Dinner

(9) Indah's Sweet17 Lunch
birthday girl <33

(20) Trax Ambassador
1st day

2rd day

(16) Edwin's Birthday
posisi komplit! 

(24) Meet Up Ling2
she's almost 2metres tall fyi. me no short.
(30) Rere's Wedding
WS matey -all-

to end this month, i won a quiz frm @traxfmjkt & oriflame.... i got their product. and.... MONEY! ... how i love 2011.

(21) Gading Carnival



(5) Sudden Meet up

(8) Harmoni SCTV
Harmoni : The Gold Voices
they're all GOLD

(11) First Driving Lesson
i made the car stuck somewhere near my school. bad luck.

(17) Sunsilk Hair Studio *freebies*

(18) Angga's 23rd Birthday
lovemade card
birthday booooy!

(27-29) Retreat

(6) Prisca's Sweet17 Dinner
with birthday girl

(17) Agustusan

(26-3sept) BKK-MY!
on malaysian street w/ dad
the grand palace
at pattaya

(10) Putri's Sweet17 Dinner
with birthday girl

(12-17) Xin-Jia-Poh
yes we're at UNIVERSAL!
1st Anniversary Dinner @ Clarke Quay

(23) Java Soulnation 2011 free tickets
i got one Java Soulnation 2011 daily ticket from Kawanku. i was jumping from my seat ( i was at school that time) and jumped to Kawanku's office to get my ticket. sadly..., i couldn't make it. yet i couldn't sell it to anybody :(

(1) Febiola's Sweet17 Dinner
best shoot deh ini kayaknya *hem*

(22) Mid Term Report :)
jangan juling yeee :3

(22) Being17
bday lunch w/ Angga
he's handing 7
mie panjang umur 
cakeys from mama kenny
gift from Angga :) that was me&him in Paris :"")
tees from him!

(22) Jakarta Fashion Week's Interview
It was on the morning of my 17's birthday :) and i was attending the interview for Jakarta Fashion Week. I was so in a hurry that i should go back to my school to recieve my report. But fortunately, one of the panelist from Femina Group, Mbak Tenik, who i was scared at first, told me a good motivation and said : "Kalo kamu gak masuk, saya juga sedih, mengingat willing kamu yang bahkan ada dari tahun lalu." I FEEL SO BLESSED ;)

(23) MY Sweet17 Dinner
the invitation i made
childhood matey
complete set of WS matey
best candid of my parents!
wishing a merry 17
triple chocolate bday cake i picked up myself :|

(27-28) UPH & Bandung Study Tour
otw Bandung
no we're not future UPH studs
at UnPar

(29) Chika's Sweet17 Dinner
i was that white&bright
birthday gurllhzzzz

(30) Rhema's Birhtday Dinner
meja kul
birthday boy!
combo Chaaainizzz

(12) Jakarta Fashion Week 2011/2012
this year's biggest pride!
cotton ink's 
with Marcell & Ferdy Hasan
Fitter E + Mbak Ayu

(12) ESMOD Workshop
me with my blouse moulage for ESMOD
and yes! it was on the top 10!

(19) a Comeback

(20) GGA :"")
It was a blessed sunday morning, i ran away from Gedung Femina (i had briefing for KFF that morning) to Kuningan Place. had only 1hour for praising His name... but still i feel so blessed :)

(21) BB Finally
white curve3G :D

(26-27) Kids Fashion Week 2011/2012
Fitter A!
helping the chaperones
the guys
babyq kamu imutbangeeeet

(27) Brightspot Market 
Went to this year biggest Brightspot Market in PS together with parents... and grannys. i didn't get anything, but i saw the Sou Brette necklace that i've been dying for !@#$%yrs but sill can't afford it. wasn't in my mood that i'm not even take any pics :"(

(3) Belajar Bareng Akuntansi
geng akun sukses!
(4) perkumpulan marga cai

(10) GDS Christmas Youth Celebration
after performing Dari Pulau dan Benua ☁☁

(10) JAKCLOTH2011
w/ Prisca. our background was ppl moshing one to another

(11) Patricia Leo (ling-ling) Sweet 17 Bday Lunch
Sooo happy for my childhood best matey, Ling-Ling, for being 17! Cheers for being mature together. Never expect that we'll meet after lost contact for almost 10yrs!
her lovelyfluffy cheesecake & factory cake
om leo! omg last time i met him was !@#$%&yrs ago

(17) Laller's Early Christmas Dinner
old students
new students

(20) !@!#$%^&*(asdfghjkl
he introduced me to his auntie as his girlfriend. i feel mature now.
wait i'm gonna explode!

(21) RAPOTAN!!
juara 5 finally!

(24) Christmas Night Service
i am beyond happy and excited for this christmas eve! i had the best one, with the best pastor Ibu Indri Gautama. i was so in a burning fire. her preach was beyond the fire. Merry Berry Christmas!
thx for the ride, vera!
former suwiryo team
christmas present's cross